Custom-built cigar box guitars with a nod to the Civil War era

BULL RUN CIGAR BOX GUITARS (CBG)—In 2006 I was fortunate to have seen Richard Johnston along with Jessie Mae Hemphill in Memphis, at the Memphis in May Music Festival (Jessie Mae passed a few months later). Richard was playing a three-stringed instrument (built by Johnny Lowe) and a brand of dirty, hypnotic, droning blues that totally blew me away. Upon my return home I built my first CBG. I messed around with it, but never felt like I was getting the sound or “guitar feel” I desired. It was only after a weekend at the Pennsylvania Cigar Box Guitar Festival (in York) a few years later—where I immersed myself in the music and met fellow musicians and CBG builders—that I realized the depth of these musical instruments. I came home inspired and decided to combine my experience in guitar playing with woodworking. The history of cigar box guitars pre-dates the Civil War and it seemed only natural that the name “Bull Run” be used in the business name, considering the rich history of the area I call home with extensive areas of Civil War battlefields and structures.

I pride myself on quality craftsmanship and parts, good playability, and a rich sound. Each guitar is personally tested and can be set up however the client would like. I also try to find unusual elements to add to guitars…making each a one-of-a-kind piece. I offer a series of 4 guitars: Modern, Antique, Heritage and the BR Special (bedpans, cookie tins, upright basses, custom cases, etc).

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History worth checking out!

Artist Edwin Forbes’ illustration of a Civil War soldier with a cigar box guitar (circa 1865).

Edwin Forbes illustration of soldier with CBG

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