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I have split my guitars into four different categories: HeritageModern, Antique and Bull Run Special. Click on the category images below to find out more about each.

Bull Run CBG makes guitars from 1 to 5 strings. Prices vary and are dependent upon cost of parts and labor. Four-string guitars are between $250-$350. Three-string guitars are between $175-$225. Bull Run Specials and 5-string guitars can vary between $300-$500 (these include special guitars such as traditional 4-string resonators, upright basses, bedpan resonators and custom-fit guitar cases).

Please contact me directly if you have a specific request, such as a custom order using a favorite brand of cigar box or a particular type of wood for the neck and headstock.

Heritage pic
Modern pic
Antique pic
Bull Run Special pic

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